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My DJI Spark

. . . this is where it all begun! My very first drone (not a bad one to start with even if I do say so myself).

I share a ‘Bucket List’ with my good wife, a list of 20 or so things I’d (sorry, I meant we’d) like to do before, well, you get the idea.

Hidden away between items such as “Spend a night in the Ice Hotel” was “Own a Drone”, and having already ticked a few items off the list earlier in the year, my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

I’d already done quite a bit of research, and knew that the drone I wanted (DJI Spark) wasn’t the cheapest gift I could ask for, but I went for it . . . sacrificing a birthday gift as part-payment, my wife gave me the ‘nod’ to make the purchase and not 15 seconds had passed before I was down the shops . . . trust me 😉

Anyway, so, the DJI Spark was now mine (obviously the Fly More Combo) . . . anything less would be a disappointment.

Since the big purchase I’ve added a few items, including:

  • Landing Pad
  • Additional Battery
  • Case
  • Additional Props
  • Gimbal Cover

And that’s it . . . everything I need to kick-start my new hobby.

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