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My Journey

I flew my first drone in December 2017 (The DJI Spark) and it was an instant passion.

I'll attempt to keep updates fairly regular (more likely on days I can't fly) and share the highs, and lows, of my new found hobby.

24th Mar 18

DJI Drone – Overlaying Telemetry Data on Videos

Note:  Please ignore the quality of my example drone footage . . . it’s...
10th Jan 18

DJI Spark – Flying over water

So, you’ve mastered flying over vast fields and forests and are just itching to...
4th Jan 18

DJI Spark – Flying in ATTI Mode

Should I fly in ATTI mode? The simple answer is “YES!”, but as with...
2nd Jan 18

DJI Spark – Compass & IMU

Perhaps the most asked question on Facebook forums . . . how often should...
20th Dec 17

My DJI Spark

. . . this is where it all begun! My very first drone (not...